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criminal law

Business & Commercial Law (Focus Areas: E-Commerce, Technology, IT & Start-ups)

Advent of the millennium has brought-in huge influx of Mobility & Technology in Global Business & Commerce. Being Technology Driven team with Domain Experts on board we at TSA Legal pride ourselves as pioneer in helping the New-Gen Technology Companies & Start-ups wade through the Legal Challenges even in the space where the law & guidelines are still blurred.
Our Services include:

  • Joint Ventures
  • Labour & Employment
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Franchising / Licensing Agreements/ Distributorship Agreements
  • Taxation Law (Direct & Indirect)
  • Workplace Discrimination and PoSH Training
  • Insolvency & Bankruptcy
  • Anti-Trust & Competition Law
  • Data & Cyber Security Training
consumer protection

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection including Insurance related matters are handled by our team of lawyers and Insurance experts in getting our clients the compensation and rightful claim. In the process we help our clients tide over the pain of loss due to negligence & wrongful act of Large Corporations.

environmental law

Environmental Law

Environmental Compliances have become a major source of concern for all businesses these days. Our Environmental & Sustainability Experts help businesses in navigating this tricky field very comfortably.

intellectual property

Intellectual Property Rights

Our Team of IPR Experts including Patent Attorneys, Patent Agents, Research Analysts, &Technology Experts (Electronics, IT, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare & Biomechanics) help the innovators in Patent Searching, Landscaping, Competition Analysis thereby not only securing their invention & Ideas but also help in Filing & Litigation

international law

International Law

Our Experienced Counsellors help Businesses in Sensitive matters related to International Law. We also help International Businesses transition to new markets smoothly & efficiently.

cyber law

Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Law

New Age Technology has helped Robotics & AI to become part of our daily lives. Their actions &; applications have made lives easy but have also created numerous questions on Liability & Accountability. Similarly Ambiguity in Attribution & Accountability for Cyber related issues create unnecessary, and at times, huge Legal Hassles for Businesses and their owners. Our Experts with immense knowledge and international exposure help the clients to make informed decisions and sail through these choppy waters.


Litigation & Aribitration

We at TSA Legal help our clients in Dispute resolution through Arbitration, ADR and Litigation. The team of Seasoned Civil & Criminal Lawyers help clients in not only exerting their rights but also get justice when they have been wronged.