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Why IPR Insight Is Necessary

IPR Insight helps the organization to do a SWOT analysis – a study that determines the

• Strengths;

• Weaknesses of the organization;

• Opportunities in the marketplace, and using the opportunities through research and development and vice versa and the last aspect of the study deals with and;

• Threats perceived from the market, from competition, and within the organization. However, in order to get this information regarding the organization, IPR Inventory Study must be conducted regularly.

• How the IP assets are used or unused?

• If the IP assets are owned by the organisation or by others?

• If the IP assets infringe the rights of others or are rather infringed by others?

• What actions are required to be taken with respect to each IP asset, or a portfolio of such assets, to serve the relevant business goals of the organisation?

• Once a comprehensive IP Study has been undertaken, a smaller effort and expense is needed at regular intervals, such as on an annual basis, so that IP assets are reviewed and appropriate decisions are taken, depending on the current and emerging needs of an organisation.

IPR Insight helps in Gauging & Knowing

Necessity & Benefits

Few events which require the preparation of IP due diligence:

• Merger & Acquisition or Joint Venture

• Financial transactions

• IP licensing

• Launching a new product or service

• Buying or selling a business division or IP transfer

The In-depth study address the company’s IP from a “protection and preservation” standpoint. It can comprehensively assess every process and procedure to create, protect and leverage intellectual property. The intent would be to uncover and suggest actions that would maximize the exploitation and value of the company’s intellectual property. Such a review can cover activities related to:

• Innovation and invention disclosure efficiencies

• Risk areas such as:
o Cleanroom practices (e.g., separation of specification and coding personnel to mitigate copyright and other infringement claims)
o Physical site security
o Data security o Employee and contractor intake and exit policies, procedures and documentation
o Training • Coordination with other office locations, operating companies, etc.

• Cross-function coordination (connecting various disciplines)

• Optimization of reporting (to a board, management, shareholders, lenders, etc)

• International issues

• Legislative, regulatory and judicial issues

• Valuations

Our Innovation Management Service can help you effectively manage IPR through our Innovative Product backed by a team of IPR Researchers & Lawyers